About the Center

The main efforts of the Centre are focused on the design, construction, testing and deployment of intelligent sensors, sensor systems, networks and technologies with applications in the field of security and defense. The Centre combines the activities of designing, prototyping and creating series of sensors and sensor systems, functional tests of individual samples, complex longitudinal tests of sensors systems and communication with command and control center. The Centre develops software applications and embedded software for defense and security.

After the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 in USA, on March 11, 2004 in Madrid and July 7, 2005 in London, a variety of measures have been taken to establish the prerequisites for prevention of such tragic incidents.

The most important directions, relevant to the significance of losses due to successful terroristic attack from the wide functional palette, which is the base for development and consolidation of the internal security, include: borders security, protection against sea threats and protection of critical infrastructure.

Within the framework of the dynamically developing environment, the Republic of Bulgaria is becoming a key factor for building and maintenance of strategic power and transportation objects in national, regional and international plan, which substantially increase the risk of terrorist attacks. Therefore synchronized measures should be taken for prevention of the terrorist threats. They should be based on scientifically grounded, continuous, practically applicable, flexible and adaptive actions on behalf of the national bodies and organizations working on the problems related to prevention of terrorist threats.

All these, as well as the necessity of national autonomy in the anti-terrorist activity, became the ground to establish Centre for development of high-tech products and systems for providing security and protection of critical infrastructure objectives. Thus the Centre of excellence “Anti-terrorist Advanced Systems” was founded in year 2008.

The research purposes set with the development of the Centre are:

1. Investigations and developments of technical and operative conceptions for promising projects and technologies against terrorism. Carrying out investigations, development and experimentation of new technologies.

2. Providing adequate participation in:

  • National programs and projects for defence against terrorism;
  • NATO Defence Against Terrorism program;
  • Implementation of the European Strategy requirements for defence against terrorism;
  • The initiatives of the international network of centres of excellence in the field of anti- terrorism.

3. Providing synergy of the expertise and the results obtained in result of participation of R. of Bulgaria in NATO projects from the Program for Defence against terrorism (POW DAT):

  • Improvement of helicopter protection against RPG;
  • Harbor protection;
  • Protection of critical infrastructure;
  • Development of capabilities of non-lethal effect.

4. Training of operative and technical personnel on national level and specialists participating in NATO missions.

  • Implementation of activities related to improvement of the qualification, training and practice of experts on national level and specialists participating in NATO missions:
      a) Personnel:
      – Training of operators and technical & management personnel in working with the means and systems and in taking independent innovative decisions;
      – Training and certification of instructors and lecturers.
      b) Training courses performed in the Centre:
      – Protection of critical infrastructure;
      – Training and qualification improvement of specialists according to NATO standards.
  • Preparation and holding national and international research conferences and seminars on the problems of the advanced methods, means and systems for counteraction against terrorist threats;
  • Establishment of international, bilateral and internal institutional relationships for training and joined researches;
  • Formation a “bank” of highly qualified engineers, operators and management personnel in the identified areas for development, use, maintenance and improvement of anti-terrorist advanced systems.

The interdisciplinary research and training, as well as the technologies and resources developed by the Centre are purposed not only to provide for the national security but also to contribute for the enhanced security within the European Union, in active interaction with the analogical centres in member countries in this field.