• Countermeasure Device ARC - 1

    Portable complex for non-lethal countermeasures against intruders in the area of security and protection of critical infrastructure.
  • Underground pressure sensor

    Underground Pressure Sensor measures the mechanical impulses induced by pedestrian intruder or vehicle passing over two buried tubes and gives information for the object type ...
  • New generation of seismic sensors

    The new generation of seismic sensors was created to enhance the capabilities of the sensors in terms of accuracy (recognition between human penetration/intruders, vehicles and/or ...
  • BlueBee

    The BLUEBEE devise translates the sensor system radio signals to well-known Bluetooth standard and vice versa. The devise is paired with the smartphone and allows ...
  • BEEHIVE radio communication system

    The BEEHIVE cell radio communication system consists of three type radio transceiver modules. The radio network is designed to collect and relay information from all ...
  • Radio module

    Each Radio Transceiver Modulus establishes a mesh network, which has the following advantages: Network setup is simple; More flexibility to expand the network; All nodes ...
  • Passive infrared sensor

    The Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor provides thermal indoor/outdoor motion of intruders within detection area. This Sensor is passive, non-contact type sensor and is designed to ...
  • Integrated microwave-PIR barrier

    The integration of both microwave and PIR technologies provide determination of detected object direction and practically exclude false alarms. The Receiver unit is equipped with ...
  • Microwave barrier

    The Microwave Barrier is developed for detection of movement of personnel and vehicles through a detection line. The barrier consists of Transmitter Unit and Receiver ...
  • Seismic sensor

    The Seismic Sensor is developed for the purpose of perimeter security and/or protection of critical infrastructures. The main idea is to recognize between human penetration/intruders, ...
  • Thermal imaging camera

    The Thermal Imaging Camera is a compact, energy-autonomous device. It produces sharp images of objects in motion during night conditions, haze, smoke, dust and fog. ...
  • Specialized camera

    The Specialized Camera is a compact, energy-autonomous device with interchangeable lenses and easy within minutes installation. It has a high-sensitivity and high dynamic range CMOS ...


The aim of the company is design, construction, testing and deployment of intelligent sensors, sensor systems, networks and technologies with applications in the field of security and defense.
The company combines the activities of designing, prototyping and creating small series of sensors and sensor systems, functional tests of individual samples, complex longitudinal tests of sensors systems and communication with command and control center.

The company develops software applications and embedded software for defense and security.

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Permanent Test Facility

Permanent test facility

The permanent test and demonstration polygon allows the sensor and sensor system long-standing evaluation. The polygon enables the test of sensor hardware functionality and the sensor software recognition abilities at a variety of external weather conditions. The condition of permanent tests enables accumulating consistent data on the change in the operation of each sensor and the sensor system under conditions as rain, snow, fog, very low and very high temperatures, which is impossible in the usual test climate chambers. In addition the polygon allows simulation of various scenarios under different environmental conditions and test functionality of the system, the identification of problems and consequently improves the sensors and/or system vulnerabilities.

Pipeline Protection System

Pipeline protection system

The purpose of Pipeline Protection System (PPS) is to detect, recognize, and visualize warning information about malicious and potentially harmful events and objects in the area of the pipeline, allowing informed decisions and taking adequate countermeasures. The system consists of main stations spaced along the length of the pipeline. The system is designed on a modular basis, allowing for the repair, replacement and expansion with additional elements without affecting the overall performance. Communication between the modules and positions is carried out in two independent channels – primary and backup. The main communication channel is based on the transmission of data over fiber optic cable and a backup radio network.



IMS 3D LAB is division of the IMS – BAS. The LABs purpose is to develop 3d printing in Bulgaria and offer top quality 3d printing and modeling services.
As part of the Bulgarian Academy of Science the Laboratory for 3d Modeling and Quick Prototyping will work for the development and shaping of the modern future of the country. Our goal is to show the people the unlimited possibilities of the 3d printing technologies and to develop and establish the LAB as the prime 3d printing, modeling and prototyping organization in the country. We offer wide range of services from printing your models to giving life to your ideas.